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If you are using a screen reader and are having problems using this website, please call (323) 513-6222 for assistance.
Kane Brown tour photo


Be sure to open the registration link on your phone.


What is the Fan Pass?
The fan pass gives select fans perks and surprises along the Blessed & Free Tour dates starting October 1st, 2021.

If I have the Fan Pass do I still need a ticket to the show?
Yes, you need a ticket to attend the show.

How do I get a Fan Pass onto my phone?
Click the REGISTER button from your mobile device. Open the URL in a web browser on your mobile device.

When I click on the button on why does it say Please open on your phone?
Mobile passes are only accessible and saved to your mobile phone and can not be viewed or saved on a computer or tablet.

I saw my fan pass on my phone but I can’t find it again, where did it go?
Once you have completed the registration page, your fan pass will be presented to you on your phone. You must click the ADD button in the top corner to add it (or save it) to your digital wallet on your mobile device.

If you did not click ADD: Complete the registration page again and the pass will be revealed - click ADD at this time to save it.

If you saved the pass but cannot find your digital wallet:
On an iOS (Apple) device:
1) Open the wallet image
2) Ask Siri to “Open my passes” or “Open my wallet” - this will open your ApplePay wallet and you can search for your fan pass
3) Click the right side button on your phone 2 times - this will open your ApplePay wallet and you can search for your fan pass
4) If you took a picture of your pass - open your photos

On an Android (Google) device:
1) Click Wallet image on your home screen
2) Open Samsung or Google Pay applications to see your passes
3) If you took a picture of your pass - open your photos

What if I am attending multiple shows?
You can sign up for another show by registering again with the same information (first name, last name, email, mobile phone number, zip code) and selecting a different show date.

What do I present on my Fan Pass to redeem my rewards?
Each fan pass has a QR code on it. Present the QR code to the cashier or attendant to redeem a reward or obtain access.

Can I let my friend use my fan pass?
Each fan pass is registered to a unique fan/user. Please do not share your fan pass with others or load other fan passes onto your digital wallet. This can cause your pass or rewards attached to become invalid. Each fan can obtain their own fan pass by clicking the link to the registration page.

Does my fan pass expire?
No, fan passes are type of membership card and therefore do not expire. The rewards, benefits or privileges you earn can and do expire.

How do I get notified when I have fun stuff on my fan pass?
You will receive an SMS message immediately following the receipt of your Fan Pass. Save this number and look back to this sms message for future communications.

For help or questions, please contact KBFanPass@gmail.com